Zombocalypse – Survival Is Futile

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icn_heroimageZombocalypse – Survival is Futile. The End Has Just Begun. This is not just words – it’s the main idea of this game which takes us back to the December of 2012, when our story begins. The Zombie Appocalypse is not just main threat that you have to fight with, it’s reality in this game where you must fight for your life. Crowds of hungry zombies are coming to kill you and now everything depends on your skills. As soon as you start playing the Zombocalypse you will realize that this game is very difficult. At the beginning of the game the number of zombies is small and they are slow enough but when you progress in the game, you realize that the number of zombies as well as their speed increased. You will even face new type of zombies that are faster and stronger.


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13 days in hell

boxhead zombie wars




In Zombocalypse you have to use different weapons to fight with crowds of zombies. At the beginning of the game you have only machete but as you progress, you will see the different weapons falling from sky - just go to the box with the weapon and hit arrow down button to get it. The more powerful weapon is - the more zombies you can kill at a time. Keep in mind that if the zombies come close to you, you will lose health and in the end they will eat you.

Zombocalypse is a free online game and you can play the full version at our website. Note : the game is rather big so it takes some time to fully load in your browser. Please be patient. The controls of Zombocalypse are rather simple - you move with the arrow buttons, shoot with spacebar and pick up weapons with arrow down. I am sure you will enjoy this game and survive in the cruel world of Zombocalypse.

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